Fine Art

A brilliant showcase of emerging and established black contemporary artists and galleries from across the diaspora.

Art inspired tech

The world of art and technology collides and gives birth to a new form of design.

NFT & Digital Art

NFT art is introducing a generation to a new creative digital economy.

Galleries & Artists

An open platform for galleries and artists from around the world to showcase influence and impact of Black Culture.

Murals of ATL

Colorful murals can be found on walls, storefronts, buildings and literally on the streets and crosswalks in ATL.


Explore the intersection of African diaspora culture with science and technology.

RCKARTx NFT Fundraiser

Creating art is fun and what better way to showcase creativity in children is an exhibit that transforms their work into an NFT fundraiser.

Emerging Tech Gallery

Technology has merged with design to create functional products that can only be described as beautiful.

Art, Lounge & Connect

Interactive and immersive experiences with Art. Participate in an exclusive Food & Art series featuring world renowned chefs.

Brand Experiences

See some of the most innovative and creative brands showcase one-of-a-kind art experiences.

Live Music + VR Performances

Music and performances in the Metaverse, NFTs and Videos and live art created from a music backdrop.

VR & AR Lifestyle

Unlock the world of VR & AR with social impact experiences and luxury lifestyle VR.

Chat & Conversations

Some of the most brilliant minds in fashion, art, music, sneakers, technology, and innovation discuss their experiences where art, culture and technology intersect.

RCKARTx Academy

We are giving you the “Cheat Code” for the Web 3 world. Experience content that is open to all attendees during and after the festival.

5 million CRYPTO wallet campaign

RCKARTx signify the kickoff of an ambitious crypto wallet and education campaign to ensure all communities can equally participate in the crypto, web3, and blockchain economy.

Social impact Art Murals

Five augmented reality (AR) murals from select local communities are transformed into NFTs. The proceeds will help fund the development 5 community DAOs. Community members will learn how to set-up and manage a DAO focused on community development.