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The Art & Science Of Creativity & Culture ​

Fall 2023 | Atlanta GA

Celebrating diverse cultural perspectives, sharing stories and experiences that might otherwise go unheard.
Art & Technology
Exploring Web 3, NFT & Metaverse potential and possibilties
Engage with art & technology in a way that is grounded in cultural understanding and respect
Culture, Art & Creativity Celebrated

What is RCKARTx?

RCARTx is a next-gen art festival that brings artists, technologists, creatives, and cultural experts across industries to showcase the latest advances in their fields.

Guests can expect to experience cutting-edge installations that blur the boundaries between art and science and performances that push the limits of what is possible.

It’s a platform for emerging and established artists to present their work and engage with diverse audiences.

Participants can explore interactive exhibits, attend talks and workshops, and immerse themselves in creative and intellectual experiences.

From virtual reality to artificial intelligence, the festival showcases the latest technological innovations that are revolutionizing the art world and will serve as a hub for creative innovation by exploring the intersections of art, technology, culture and imagination.

2022 Recap

Art is Everything, Everything is Art

We find inspiration and beauty in unexpected places, and artistic expression is not limited to traditional mediums or formal settings.

Everything has the potential to be art when viewed through the lens of imagination and interpretation. "Art is Everything, Everything is Art" encourages us to expand our definition of what qualifies as art and to appreciate the many forms that creative expression can take.

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Art is a collaborative process

It's a Vibe

More than just a showcase of art and technology – it’s a space for dialogue, reflection, and inspiration. RCKARTx will challenge your assumptions and spark new ideas about the role of art and technology in our society.

A festival where creativity is king and imagination reigns supreme.
A multi-sensory journey that inspires, provokes, and challenges perceptions
Explore technology that pushes the boundaries of possibilities.

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It's a totally reimagined experience focused on the the art and science of creativity and culture.

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